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Signature Blends

Signature Blends are a combination of Single Origin gourmet coffee beans providing unique flavor profiles. Our collaboration for deriving a blend is a group effort.  After cupping and identifying each bean’s flavor characteristic the fun begins.  Some beans offer depth and body while others bring acidity and brightness to the flavor.  Somewhat like chefs, our pallet of flavors is the canvas to explore new and remarkable taste in the cup by bring certain coffee together in a melding pot.  Our blended coffees are a labor of love for the extraordinary taste that can be created.  Take time to explore all of our signature blend coffees.


Coffee Amusement Park – Enjoy a Cup and Have Fun With Coffee!

The Park of the National Coffee is localized roughly to Montenegro, Quindío, 160 north miles of Bogota in the axis of the region of the coffee of Colombia.

This park an alternative amusement park is at the American amusement parks of the style. It has been founded in 1995 by the National Federation of Farmers of the Coffee of Colombia and the Committee of Farmers of the Coffee of Quindío. The mission of the organization without lucrative goal who directs the park keep the cultural inheritance and history of coffee in Colombia.

What returns this park different of in others? What made it a success like a local and national attraction?

The park is localized in a small and beautiful valley. To reach the park, the visitors take a funicular that offers a magnificent view of the whole region. The hills are planted with coffee, bananas, fruit trees, flowers and other local plants. The farmers in the region developed the best techniques of coffee culture, crop and treatment. They also kept the manner to live and traditions of the first colonists that Juan Valdez represents with authenticity. The visitors can walk along a track that allows them to touch, odor and to touch in thin top all varieties of coffee plants grown a lot in Colombia other of a lot of countries around the world. The track splits at the end. A path leads to the auditorium where two times per day a troop of the dance executes the dances typical of the region. The other path leads to several stations where the visitors learn about.

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A path leads to the auditorium where two times per day a troop of the dance executes the dances typical of the region. The other path leads to several stations where the visitors learn about culture of coffee. The two directions finally converge on a big colonial square that characterizes a lot of statuaries and stores. In time different of the year, the square is where the celebrations for the different festivities take place. Christmastime is a good weather in the park, including stages of the Nativity live and lights everywhere. As is customary with all amusement park, every section has different names. “Zoned them Cafetera cut” (the zone of coffee) milked a Spectacle of Coffee, Ecological Track and the Museum of Coffee. The Coffee of the del of the “folk Spectacle” has the quick, talented and colorful dancers who paint history and traditions cultural of coffee.It is heartwarming to see the crowds reacting with enthusiasm, pride and patriotism during the show.

Coffee is a part very important of the economy in Colombia and a positive contributor to social increase:

The ecological attractions include the shady bamboo afforests and nurseries of the coffee lower-case letters where the visitors learn as the beans go from the seed to the cup. The visitors are exposed to coffee to grow directly, while choosing, of reducing, to dry, of shelling and export some preparations. The Colombian and international tourists walk the reading of tracks sign and learn about the coffee beans. There is the extended and varied flower gardens everywhere. The museum has several pieces with

There is the extended and varied flower gardens everywhere. The museum has several pieces with the very complete information and the exhibitions about coffee made a culture and trade. The museum also exposes a very good 3D movie about the daily life of a farmer of the Colombian coffee. It is an unique way to feel like a Juan Valdez in the pictures, so only for one short time! What would an amusement park be of course, without the walks? The Park of Coffee characterizes all waited walks and attractions for these adults who look for the thrills and for the children also. For example, the walk of the rollercoaster of the Cyclone is a very passionate. There are some carousels, the bumper to go for a walk, bumper cars, by boat go-carts only, double go-carts and the “Cumbres” walks of free fall.

There is also a walk of train that is appropriated very since the transportation of train was a main means and transportation for development of coffee. The panoramic gondola elevator is a big path to look at the whole park and to like the beauty of the surrounding mountains and region of valley. There are the attractions of children with usual mascots who carry the costumes of popular television and characters of the spectacle. A musical spectacle interesting has orchids of the animatronic colored. The orchid is the national flower of Colombia. The “lake of the legends” is one where the visitors can like walks of boat and the thrillers of water. Is it also an interesting region to learn about the myths and did legends associate with the coffee plantations, a lot of which is the part of local history telling.…

Colombia Supremo (Spectacled Bear) Coffee

Our Colombian Supremo Seasonal Select Spectacled Bear is back. That’s right, Spectacled Bear, not Speckled Bear. What’s with the name, you ask?.. A few years back our importer designed the program to give something back for this coffee that isn’t known to be sustainably-grown. Doing research on Colombia and the native animals there, they ran across a cute Spectacled Bear, named such because he looks as if he’s wearing spectacles! So, they called the coffee the Spectacled Bear and donate money from the sale of this coffee to the Wildlife Conservation Society ( to study and help save the Spectacled Bear, which is endangered. This coffee comes to us from different growing regions in Colombia, based on crop cycle and cup quality. We’ve seen coffees from Huila, Medellin, Narino and Cauca fill this label. The beans are a large select 18 size and when cupped we noted a Chocolate, almond, cocoa taste. We think you will enjoy the supremo of a bean of mc donalds.

How to Start Your Mornings on the Perfect Note

As consumers, we want to have the best that our money can buy always, ever mind if said money is on the low end of the monetary scale. It applies to the best makers of coffee in city for which we wait to not to deliver just good but excellent value for our money. After all, if we must solve for good, then we don’t live as best that us of can.

Criteria for Choosing

First, we must accentuate that every individual will have his own opinion about the best coffee pot since everybody will also have its own idea of the best coffee. You can choose a French press for its rich and robust coffee but your friend can prefer a maker of the coffee of automatic only cup for the available flavor variety. Indeed, each to its own coffee and maker.

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Still coffee, you will make well to remember some things about coffee pots that make for the best coffees in your life. These criterias can be adopted indifferently if you go for a percolator or an express machine although some criterias don’t apply to every type of maker.

First coffee, the best coffee pots foresee to prepare temperatures of 195 to 205 Fahrenheit degrees for five to six minutes to accomplish the perfect brewing. There are some machines that can offer the such advantage, with Technivorm that leads the packet, but you can also reproduce these conditions with experience.

Second, we recommend to look for the option of the automatic stop. It will make your easier life and your coffee tastes better instead of being burned nearly to a crusty liquid. Most models provide a programmable clock to control many as so the process of the brewing so that you can put overnight before on the coffee grounds her and wake up you of the hot coffee in the morning.

Other characterizes to examine in the best makers of coffee is small settings of the batch, a thermal decanter, one pause and serves function and a feature that take into account the personal decisions according to coffee. You will also want that the easy cleaning and reusable filters are added to the list of benefits.

Choices in the Best

Since has a lot of categories of coffee pots, we cannot compare a type with another class of machines. For example, a French press is therefore very different from a maker of the coffee of the thermal decanter the comparisons are on less ground.

The strong that the following coffee pots have been estimated best as the best in their categories by standard consumers:

The is the 12 cup Brewing Cuisinart DCC-1200 Central because of its smooth style, clock programmable, small batch that puts and makes one pause and serves function everything of that is controls of the best coffeemakers. For the maker of the simple coffee, we suggest JWX27 in the M. Coffee. For the best thermal decanter the Zojirushi is Cool Brewing with its decanter of steel without stain to keep hot coffee while the other milked as the pause and serves the function is wanted also by the consumers. The coffee pot of better connoisseur is the Technivorm Moccamaster KBT741 and for the good reasons, also. Your coffee will taste superbly, it is definitely.…