About ECC

Our History:

ECC owner, Sue Harnly, grew up in Durango, Colorado, playing music and hanging out with friends in local coffee shops. She knew that hanging out in the local coffee shop was the place to be to find out all that was happening in her community – official and not!

After college, Sue loved her job at Eugene Recreation Services (25 years worth), working mostly with people with disabilities. Still, she always dreamed she’d have a community coffee shop like the ones that meant so much to her as a youth. Even when she didn’t have the resources to own a shop, she took steps towards it – whether taking business classes at Lane Small Business Development Center, checking out local businesses for sale and keeping focused on “the dream.” As her two children started getting older, she wanted to show them that it was important to follow ones dreams. With the help of two long time friends, Alicia Hays and Adelka Shawn, who in 2008 told her of their interest in investing in a community centered project, Sue’s dream became a reality. Eugene Coffee Company opened its doors March 1, 2008 a coffee shop was born and until 2014, was a thriving, community-gathering place that supported local vendors, businesses, artists and youth.

In 2014, Sue sold the coffee shop and went back to work for Eugene Recreation Services as her day job but her true passion is still in the coffee industry teaching barista classes to both youth and adults.  She offers afternoon and evening classes as well as multi-day camps during holiday breaks and the summer.  Sue continues to focus primarily on serving youth (although students ages 14-75 have taken her classes!) and believes that these classes are a positive way to empower youth through developing work skills that are transferable to most any work environment.

See the Whats Happening Page for class details.

Eugene Coffee Company commitment:

  • Café Mam Coffee… Uses only 100% locally roasted, shade grown, fair trade organic coffee.
  • Local Products… Uses local businesses for supplies for barista classes and camps.
  • Green Practices… Focuses on green practices and utilizing recycling and reuse services when available.
  • A Sense of Welcome… Creates an encouraging, supportive, relaxed environment for the best learning possible.
  • Youth Development… Supports youth through the barista classes and camps, being a middle/high school mentor and volunteering.
  • Knowledge Sharing… Offers community classes such as Espresso Drink Making 101 to Impress your Friends and Family or The Magic Behind the Espresso Machine Curtain.
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Eugene Coffee Company is proud to have been associated with:

  • …CarrotMob: The first Carrotmob took place in San Francisco in 2008 and now they happen worldwide. Carrotmobs give consumers a chance to spend their dollars at businesses that have made positive changes in the way they operate – a “buycott” rather than a boycott. Eugene Coffee Company used a portion of the money they earned on the day the Carrotmob came to ECC to make additional eco-improvements.
  • …Blue Path Program: ECC was one of a very few local business honored as a charter member of Governor Kulongoski’s Blue Path Program promoting businesses committed to accessible, friendly service to people with disabilities.
  • …GreenLane Sustainable Business Network member since 2008.
  • BRING Recycling Rethink Business Program member: Oregon’s first member. GreenCafe works with independently owned coffeehouses to reduce their ecological impact and become green certified and helps educate and inspire staff and communities to transfer green practices to their personal lives.

ECC – at the corner of COFFEE and COMMUNITY.