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What is the best single cup coffee machine for the office?

Looking for a single cup coffee maker that meets all your requirement can be tedious and tiring task. Most of the products available in the market look and feel almost similar. In such situations, selecting a right single cup coffee machine becomes even more difficult. But one product that has emerged as the winner in this category of coffee makers is the Keurig K45 elite brewing system. Here, we provide you with the detailed study of this leading coffee maker and why it is preferred by coffee lovers.

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System Review

Below is the detailed review of one of the best drip coffee makers you can buy, see its features as well as pros and cons.

Prepare a Cup of Coffee in Less Than 60 Seconds

One of the biggest advantages of this single cup coffee maker is that it can make a cup of coffee in less than 60 seconds. In a fast moving world where time is so important, this machine shall help you in quickly grabbing a cup of coffee. Be it a cup of coffee, hot cocoa, iced beverages or even a tea, it is ready to be served in just 1 minute. You can check out this roundup of single serve coffee makers here.

Different Brew Sizes

It has three different brew sizes that include 6, 8 and 10 ounces. 48 ounces of water can be stored in the water reservoir and it enables you to prepare more coffee and tea without any interruptions or frequent refilling. This is one of the reasons why it is said to be among the best drip coffee makers.

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

With this single cup coffee maker, you will get a stainless steel travel mug which uses Contigo autoclose technology. This technology prevents leakages and comes with a spill proof design. Descaling solution provided with the machine helps to remove calcium deposits that gets build up in the brewer. It is also very easy to clean the machine.

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Other Features

Keurig K45 elite brewing system features a removable drip tray that enables you to brew for larger cups. The indicator lights at the front tell you about the process in the brew cycle which keeps you updated. The single cup coffee maker also possesses an auto shut off feature which is a great security feature.

Pros of Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System

  • It is compatible with all K-cup brands. “K-cup” is a reusable filter basket that is used to brew your own ground coffee or tea.
  • One can make iced beverages, hot chocolate, tea and coffee in this coffee maker machine.
  • This single cup coffee maker heats the water very fast.
  • The company provides an excellent customer service.
  • Keurig K45 elite brewing system comes with a 1 year warranty period.
  • Its water reservoir is easy to clean and can hold a large amount of water.

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Cons of Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System

  • The coffee maker lacks in the brew strength options which its competitors have. Keurig coffee makers are popular in the world because of their compact models.
  • Internal and the exterior part of the machine require regular cleaning in order to extend its life. But cleaning is quite easier in the machine.

The Last Words

After studying every aspect of Keurig K45 elite brewing system we can say that it’s a promising coffee maker machine that will deliver excellent performance. Its advanced features and modern technology will provide you with the best flavor of coffee along with good quality. It is safe to say that Keurig K45 elite brewing system is one of the best drip coffee makers available in the market that provides a single cup of coffee instantly.