Eugene Coffee Company – At the Corner of Coffee and Community

240 E. 17TH
(between High St. and Pearl St. on the South side of the street in front of Mr. Clean Jeans)
We are so excited to have the shop open again!
We have missed everyone and couldn’t be happier to be almost back in business.
Even though business was fantastically successful at the last location for 5 years, it left us financially struggling due to the extremely high lease that left making a profit out of reach.
We ran a Kickstarter Campaign but didn’t reach our goal but did reach almost $7000 pledged by 90 people!
We decided rather than to run another Kickstarter that we would ask that if the pledgers wanted to still donate, they/you could donate directly by dropping their/your donation off at the shop or
mailing to Eugene Coffee Company PO Box 21240, Eugene 97402.
We are still honoring the  ”rewards” that were offered on Kickstarter too!
You can still see our Kickstarter site and watch our video at the link below….
Thank you so much,
in gratitude,
Sue, Owner, Dreamer, Eugene Coffee Company
Questions? email Sue at